Give-back campaigns are on the rise again within the apparel industry, but in 2021, shoppers’ expectations around these branded efforts have changed.

Modern consumers now want brands to create real, meaningful social impact and can easily see through mere publicity stunts and marketing campaigns disguised as philanthropy.

As a result, this means that in order for apparel brands to build authentic connections with customers who value that “give-back” element, charitable efforts need to be rooted in brand values, mission, and company culture — not a one-time gimmick.

The next questions, then, are:

  • What charitable causes are relevant and meaningful within…

Special Guests: Adam Chandler; Editor at DTC Magazine, Mandy Lozano; Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer at MiiR, Amanda Baudier; Vice President of Business Development at Sakara, Jasmin Singer; Vice President of Editorial at Kinder Beauty, and Aaron LaMonica-Weier; Senior Manager of Digital Platforms at Feeding America

On this episode of the Impact Exchange, we were joined by a panel of thought-leaders to discuss how the relationships between brands, nonprofits, and consumers shifted in 2020 and why more DTC brands are going to be turning to social impact this year. …

EP 12 Special Guest - Katie Boothby-Kung; Senior Manager of Social Impact at Shopify

On this episode of the Impact Exchange, we were joined by Sr. Manager of Social Impact at Shopify, Katie Boothby-Kung to discuss the future of commerce and industry trends when it comes to social impact. Katie shared social impact trends that they have seen at Shopify, and discussed ways that brands of all sizes can integrate social impact into their business strategy and customer journeys.

Defining Social Impact

When we think about social impact, it’s often viewed as a singular strategy — sustainability versus donations, fair wages versus non-toxic…

EP 11: Special Guests: Adam Siegel; CEO at Recurate, Heleen Devos; Founder at The Extra Smile, Darby Scott; Founder at Darby Scott, Katie Boothby-Kung; Senior Manager of Social Impact at Shopify

On this episode of the Impact Exchange, we’re excited to discuss a recent event that we hosted with Recurate- How Shopify Stores Can Embrace Sustainability. Our Founder and CEO, Ronny Sage, and Adam Siegel, CEO at Recurate, met with members from The Extra Smile, Darby Scott, and Shopify to discuss what works and what doesn’t when integrating sustainability and social impact into a business strategy, and how to align with customers’ values.

A 360 Approach to Impact

You always hear about brands doing good and making a difference, but what does it really mean to be truly rooted in impact? At ShoppingGives, we believe that…

How Authentic Advocacy Helps Businesses Connect with Consumers, Community and Workers

Now more than ever, brand values are a benchmark for success. Impact-focused consumers like millennials and Gen Z are buying from brands that make a statement and do more than turn a profit. As a brand you are responsible for crafting a powerful social impact strategy, but how do you know where to start?

In times of immense need, it is especially important to authentically advocate as a brand. …

Owning a business in the increasingly competitive eCommerce space can be stressful.

It can be very challenging to engage your customers with your brand. It is even harder to build consistent loyalty throughout your customer base. However, cultivating loyalty is well worth the extra effort and expense.

Brand loyalty can increase your company’s overall revenue, make better use of marketer investments, and insulate your company against changes in the economy.

What is Brand Loyalty?

You probably know that it is good for a customer to be loyal to your brand, but every brand loyalist is good for a company in more ways than you…

As a marketing executive for a large brand, your job is a vital one. One of your main goals is to add new clients to your company’s customer list and cultivate customer loyalty. The latter can be accomplished by using customer loyalty programs.

You know how important customer loyalty is to a business. Customer loyalty is what propels your brand’s customers to buy your products time and time again. And they’ll do so, regardless of price or availability.

These individuals will even pay more money to purchase products from your company. After all, your company is a trusted entity. …

Marketing is challenging for any business, and eCommerce is no exception. You have to master technology, branding and complex buyer behavior.

Younger people are more likely to shop online. However, they also may be more likely to disregard online advertising. You need a marketing plan that helps you to stand out and build credibility with online audiences.

Cause marketing has the unique potential to build loyalty for your brand. This can make customers more likely to keep shopping with you. They may even recommend you throughout the years. Such dedication is valuable in the constantly changing online marketplace.

As a leading marketing executive for a large brand, you have your hands full. You’re successfully completing your job duties. The purchases are coming in as are new customers.

But, something is missing and preventing your brand from being extraordinary.

Your company has the ability to be a brand giant with high accolades all around.

Engaging with your customers is imperative. In fact, almost two-thirds of a company’s profit is the result of effective customer engagement strategies.

Customer engagement isn’t transactional marketing as one might assume. It’s relationship marketing. …

Customer experience is an essential part of eCommerce business success.

You need a customer experience strategy that will increase your revenue, grow your company, and develop loyal customers. By tapping into the data that your business has access to and integrating customer experience throughout your business plan, you can significantly boost customer experience.

Is an Excellent Customer Experience Design Worth the Investment?

Customer experience is too often an undervalued investment. It is much easier to predict and see the return on other sorts of investments. However, the value of customer experience cannot be overlooked.

Without a focus on and investment in customers, companies will die. There are a vast…


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